FO Friday 4: Dreambird

Seems like my posts are getting heavy on shawls. Not to break the habit, here comes another one.

I finished my Dreambird. I’ve been eyeing the pattern for a while and decided to go for it right before our road trip this summer. Shawl and car ride seem like a good combination. If I were smarter I would actually finish the first feather before setting on the road. The instructions were way to wordy and lengthy to attempt in the car. That poor shawl (or rather wound balls of yarn) drove with me some 6,000 miles across the United States, then flew with me to Europe, drove another 2,000 miles on our European vacation only to fly back to US without much progress being made.

In Spring we made a trip to NYC. I made my family follow me to Lion Brand Studio, where I got two balls of their LB Mohair Silk yarn. That’s what I used for the main color. For the feathers I spun FatCatKnits Merino Bamboo blend in Buster colorway.

After finishing the first feather, I found it very useful to use only the page with number of stitches for each row (pg. 16). That was I did not need to read through pages of explanations, everything was neatly on one page. My husband commented it looked like some secret code.

I am rather pleased with the result. The two balls of Mohair Silk were enough for “only” 17 feathers. But the shawl is plenty big.

Here is another picture of my Dreambird hugging a tree:



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FO Friday #3: Botanic BFL hat

DSCF3644 by kpetra
DSCF3644, a photo by kpetra on Flickr.

Happy Friday!

I have lots of projects nearing its completion, but not quite there yet. At least the hat is finished!

I already posted about the yarn I am using – handspun BFL. I had a rough idea what kind of hat I wanted. Then I came across Stephen West’s Botanic Hat. I must admit I did not get the pattern. The hat was easy enough to  deconstruct. Or rather, just look at the picture, use the stitch and make up the rest.

We live in a fairly cold climate (at least in the winter months) and single brim doesn’t do us any good. Therefore I made a double brim (provisional cast on, knit double the length of the brim, fold in half and knit current stitches with the provisional stitches). I also started on only 88 sts on US5 so that the brim is snug. The crown of the hat is knit over 96 stitches in slipped stitch pattern. The photo on top shows the reverse side.

This is the “right” side:


And my little one happily posing for me while reading a book



More details, such as needle size and yardage are on my Ravelry page.

It’s FO friday at tami’s amis. Go check her out!



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WIP Wednesdays 2: BFL Breed Study

Handspun BFL combo by kpetra
Handspun BFL combo, a photo by kpetra on Flickr.

Hello all! I have kind of a WIP. Well, it’s not casted on yet, but I had to spin the yarn for it.

I have been part of Breed Study with Willow Glen Farm for some 3 years. Very rarely do I spin my samples, let alone spin it on time. But I did it this month!
We were studying BFL or Blue Faced Leicester. I really like this breed. I used long draw and a very light hand to make sure to end up with nice lofty yarn.
Since I am on the roll, I would like to have a two-color hat with the yarn by the end of the month. (I did not give myself much time, did I?)
The dark brown is the current breed study, the blue is a BFL batt with bits of cotton from Willow Glen Farm as well. Both skeins are little heavier worsted. Since it is only 2-ply, I will pretend they are regular worsted in my knitting.

Check what is everybody else working on at tami’s amis.

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FO Friday #2: Albuquerque Mitts

Albuquerque Mitts by kpetra
DSCF3426, a photo by kpetra on Flickr.
Happy Friday all!
These mitts were my summer project. I am usually a magic loop knitter. This time, I decided to challenge myself and try DP needles again. I don’t have many stranded knitting projects under my belt and the few I made were more or less a struggle. I am a Continental knitter, tensioning my yarn with my left hand. With stranded knitting, I tried to balance both yarns on the same finger. Not a very pleasant experience. This time I tried to get a little help with KnitPicks stranded knitting guide. That did not work much either. Definitely not KnitPicks’ fault. So I did what I wanted to try for a long time. I did combination of Continental and throwing, each hand controlling one of the colors. I am still not fully proficient, but getting better at it.
As with any stranded knitting, weaving in the ends is tedious.


After finishing the mitts, weaving the ends in, soaking and blocking them, my daughter pointed out I’d goofed up. Can you see where?

Albuquerque Mitts

Yeah, I messed up the colors on the top of the mitts. Again. I made the very same mistake on the bottom, had to rip it out. Did not occur to me the mistake got ingrained in my brain. There was no way I’d be redoing the top after I proclaimed the mitts done. I call it a design element!
Stats: used KnitPicks Palette in 6 different colors:

1981 Whirpool – 19g ~ 88y
C821 Blue Note Heather – 9g ~ 42Y
6882 Sky – 4g ~ 19y
C707 Golden Heather – 5g ~ 23y
C809 Salsa Heather – 8g ~ 37y
C843 Garnet Heather – 6g ~ 28y

DP needles US1

Pattern: Albuquerque Gloves by Cailyn Meyer

Please, go over to tami’s amis and check more FOs.

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FO Friday 1: Mini Bubbles

Mini Bubbles by kpetra
Mini Bubbles, a photo by kpetra on Flickr.

Summer is technically over, kids are back to school and I am trying to get back to the swing of things. Tami’s amis is hosting FO Fridays and this is my attempt to be part of it.

We had a great summer, went on a cross country road trip and then spend half of the summer in Europe. I have a tendency to overpack my knitting and spinning supplies (forget the clothes as long as mommy has something to keep her hands busy) and as usual I did not disappoint. I did a quick math, well over 60 hours spent in the car driving should push me well into FO territory on a good number of the projects. Yeah. Not so true. I did not account for my share of driving, planning the route, demands of the kids and such.

At least my Mini Bubbles got well under way. I continued working on it in Europe, brought it back and finally finished last week. It’s a fun shawl pattern by Kieran Foley using dropped stitches.

I used my handspun in Gale’s Art colorway Scarab and Coctail on variegated BFL. It is spun as singles, slightly fulled. The finished yarn is slightly fuzzy, which made dropping the stitches major pain. Instead of goind “whoosh” and dropping the full column in no time, I had to manually go stitch by stitch and undo them. I love the final effect though.

Now hop over to tami’s amis to see what others have finished this week.


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WIP wednesdays 1

DSCF0318 by kpetra
DSCF0318, a photo by kpetra on Flickr.

Through nothingbutknit blog, I came across WIP wednesdays hosted by tami’s amis. I though it was a great idea to get me into routinely posting and to see what other people are up to!

If I were to share all my WIPs (Work In Progress), I would be typing for a while. It can get into embarrassing proportions.

Today, I will share only one project and see how it goes. After all, this is my first WIPW!

Couple of weeks ago, I went deep stash diving. I needed a small portable project on my needles. I found 2 skeins of Claudia Hand Painted Fingering. With only 175 yards to a 50 grams skein, it is more of a sport weight than fingering. Ever since the Java socks pattern came up on, I wanted to knit a pair. I never had the right yarn for it.

Because of the limited yardage, I made relatively short leg – only about 4.5 inches. I kept my fingers crossed to have enough yarn for my long feet. One sock is done and I have little bit yarn left over from the first ball. Onto the sock number two.

I know people commented on going nuts from all the tiny cables. I use cabling without the cable needle method and it is manageable. Maybe not as mindless as one would wish, but it is doable even while watching TV. (If you really don’t care too much what is on TV.)

Now, check out what others are working on over at tami’s amis!

Via Flickr:
WIP Wednesday 3/20/2013


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Wurm hat

Wurm hat by kpetra
Wurm hat, a photo by kpetra on Flickr.

On Super Bowl Sunday, we decided to play along and visited two local LYS, who offered Super Sales.

As a reward, my girl got to pick a yarn. Little did I know, that she has an expensive taste. She picked possibly the most expensive yarn the store had to offer. But promise is a promise. With much grumping I bought it for her.

She wanted a hat. I love this pattern (Wurm). The brim is doubled, which comes very handy and comfortably warm in our parts of the world.

When we visited the second LYS, she found a button. I did not have the yarn with me, did not know if and how it would pool. I knitted the hat first, went back to the store and voila, the button was just perfect!

My little lady must be happy with the hat as well, as she wore it every single day ever since I finished.

Stats: Yarn – Mountain Colors Twizzle (85% Merino, 15% silk; DK to light worsted)
Needles – US 4 for brim, US 6

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The Art of Knitting


yeah right.