In a rut!

10 Jun
P1140850 by kpetra
P1140850, a photo by kpetra on Flickr.

About two years ago, I got ambitious (there is a very fine line between being ambitious and crazy/insane) and started the Mitered Square blanket. Anything small doesn’t usually appeal to me, therefore I am aiming for a full size blanket. Have I mentioned I knit this on US1 needles?

Each square is outlined with 4 rows of black before I switch to a color. That means every tiny square has 4 ends to weave in. Have I mentioned how I dislike weaving the ends in? Doing a rough math, the goal is to end up with around 750 squares. That is 3,000 ends to weave in. Lovely!

But for once I dicided to see a project through. The pressure is on, since my friends keep showering me with their sock yarn scraps and leftovers, which I am forever thankful for. So there is a plan. If I knit a square a day, by the end of the next year – that is the year of 2013 – I will be finished. So far this year, I’ve been able to stick to the plan and the blanket is growing every day. But it sucks all the energy and knitting mojo out of me. Oh, well. When the time is right, I will be cranking those knitting pojects out like a mad woman again. For now, I’ll stick to a square a day.

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One response to “In a rut!

  1. Cathy (Mother) Mather

    February 27, 2014 at 6:42 pm

    We’re behind you Petra, you’re doing what the rest of us wish we had the patience and fortitude to accomplish. My daughter likes to say “this project and I aren’t friends anymore”, stay friends if you can 😉


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